Dr. Angela Berkovich believes that the best possible care is preventive care, achieved by committing to a series of simple preventive steps that we will guide you through!


With good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits, coupled with regularly scheduled exams, x-rays, and cleanings, you can be sure to maintain optimal dental health. Our main goal is to help keep your teeth healthy for life!


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General Dentistry


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The office of Angela Berkovich, DMD is located in Deerfield Beach and serves patients throughout South Florida including Boca Raton, Lighthouse Point, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Coconut Creek, and Coral Springs.

Dental Exams

Completing routine dental examinations at the dental office of Dr. Angela Berkovich aids in the prevention, early detection and treatment of tooth decay, oral soft tissue disease, and periodontal disease.


Through visible inspection and dental x-rays, our dental team will be able to complete a comprehensive examination.


The frequency of routine general dental visits should be based on individual needs, with some patients needing to see the dentist more often than others. More frequent visits may be necessary for patients at increased risk for oral diseases due to age, pregnancy, tobacco and alcohol use, periodontal diseases, oral hygiene, and health conditions such as diabetes, dry mouth and HIV. Dr. Berkovich and your dental hygienist will determine how often you should have your teeth examined and cleaned.


A complete dental examination will include a soft tissue exam, a screening and examination for periodontal diseases, and a detailed charting of cavities, existing restorations (fillings and crowns), and other tooth conditions.


Dental x-rays may be a part of your routine dental visit and will assist the dentist in locating disease that cannot be seen by the eye, such as cavities that develop between teeth or bone loss that occurs beneath the gums. During examins, routine dental x-rays are a vital step in the discovery process. Dental x-rays allow Dr. Berkovich to look at what is happening beneath the visible oral tissues, providing the ability to discover potential problems before painful symptoms arise.

Dental Cleanings

A big part of maintaining your oral health is to have regular dental visits and cleanings. At the office of Angela Berkovich, DMD, our highly trained and professional dental hygienists clean your teeth and remove soft deposits (plaque) and hard deposits (tarter, calculus, or stains) from your teeth.


During your appointment, the hygienist will check your teeth and gums for evidence of decay or disease. In addition, the patient will be screened for oral cancer, fluoride treatments will be provided as necessary, and we will update your medical history accordingly. We accomplish all of this in our friendly and comfortable office environment!


Our dental team will also discuss the recommended frequency of future cleanings depending on the health of your teeth and gums.


Remember, the primary purpose for having your teeth cleaned is to prevent or delay the progression of periodontal disease. Please note that in addition to having your teeth professionally cleaned, it is important to maintaining good oral hygiene at home, eat a healthy diet, and abstain from tobacco use. Together, these routines are the most effective way to prevent periodontal disease.

Preventative Sealant

A major step in preserving a healthy mouth is preventing tooth decay, and preventative dental sealants can offer important protection.


A dental sealant is an acrylic-like material that helps shield out decay-causing bacteria from the chewing surfaces of teeth.


Dr. Berkovich bases here recommendation for dental sealants on the patient’s susceptibility to tooth decay and how the teeth were shaped when they originally formed below the gum. Though there is no specific age at which sealants are indicated, she will often recommend that the best time to apply them is when the the first permanent back teeth, also known as six-year molars, begin to appear.

Fluoride Treatments

During routine cleanings and exams, Dr. Angela Berkovich may recommend an in-office fluoride treatment or fluoride may be prescribed for home use in the form of a rinse or toothpaste.


Tooth decay is an infectious and transmissible bacterial disease. When a person eats sugar, or other refined carbohydrates, some oral bacteria produce acid that removes minerals from the surface of the tooth, a process that is known as demineralization. If the demineralization process continues for a period of time, a cavity is formed. Fluoride works to reverse the demineralization process, thereby preventing the cavity from forming. In addition, fluoride reduces the ability of the oral bacteria to produce acid.


It has been demonstrated that fluoride’s action in preventing tooth decay provides a benefit to both children and adults throughout their lives. The health benefits of fluoride include a reduction in the frequency and severity of tooth decay, a decrease in the need for fillings and tooth extractions, a reduction in pain and suffering associated with tooth decay, and the obvious elevation of self-esteem that goes with improved oral functioning and appearance.

Dental Mouth Guards

Dental mouth guards are used for two main reasons: protection during recreational activities or to protect teeth against bruxism or grinding.


In either case, a professionally made and properly fitted dental mouth guard will provide much greater effectiveness than any store options such as pre-fitted or boil and bite options.


Dental Mouth Guards (Recreation)

The American Dental Association recommends the wearing that children and adults wear mouth guards in most recreational activities, especially those that could result in a blow to the face or mouth area. Dental mouth guards effectively protect against blows that might otherwise cause broken teeth, injuries to the lips, tongue, face and/or jaw. It is believed that they can also reduce the severity and incidence of concussion.


Occlusal Mouth Guards (Bruxism)

Occlusal mouth guards, sometimes called night guards, protect against bruxism, or teeth grinding and teeth clenching. Bruxism, or grinding of the teeth, can also worsen the effects of periodontal disease, cause bite problems and pain or misalignment of the jaw joint (TMJ). Bruxism can also cause esthetic concerns by wearing down the teeth and changing your smile. Staining can also occur in the worn areas, which gives the smile a dull and aged appearance.


If you suffer from frequent headaches, earaches, sensitive teeth or fatigued jaw muscles, then you may be in the habit of clenching or grinding your teeth. The evidence of this can usually be seen as wear areas on the teeth or cracks caused by the heavy pressure. Dr. Berkovich can inspect your mouth and teeth to confirm if you are participating in teeth grinding or clenching. If yes, she will discuss the benefits of using an occlusal mouth guard, which will alleviate the habit as well as halt further damage to the teeth.

Home Dental Care

Dr. Angela Berkovich and her dental team knows that a healthy and beautiful smile doesn’t end when you leave our office. Excellent oral health is a partnership between patient and dentist.


To maintain the healthy mouth that you will have after your cleaning and any restorative procedures, we recommend brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing at least once per day. We suggest using an ADA approved fluoride toothpaste with a soft-bristle brush that fits your mouth comfortably, allowing you to reach all areas easily, replacing the toothbrush every three months or sooner if the bristles become worn and frayed. This daily routine will remove plaque from your teeth and remove food particles from in between the teeth. Dr. Berkovich’s motto is “floss the teeth you want to keep!”


Dr. Berkovich always encourages discussing your oral health concerns with her and the hygienist, and asking them which oral care products will be most effective for you, as needs vary for each patient.


Some excelllent products for home dental care that we carry in our office include:


  • Prescription fluoride toothpaste or rinse
  • Medicated mouth rinse to control bacteria
  • Advanced electric tooth brushes such as the RotoDent
  • And more… Be sure to ask at your next visit!


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