Can You Remove Tartar at Home

You’ve probably noticed that after a dental appointment your teeth look bright and shiny, however, over time, they become yellowish or brownish. This is because plaque, a sticky substance, is building up on your teeth and allowing bacteria to stick to your teeth and gums. When it hardens, it’s called tartar or dental calculus. This substance can cause serious damage to your oral health, so let’s talk about tartar removal. 

Plaque Build-up 

When plaque starts building up on your teeth, it can cause many serious dental issues. The bacteria it contains thrives from sugar in food and drinks, which are awful for your teeth and can cause cavities. Once the plaque combines with your saliva, tartar is formed on your teeth, both above and below your gumline. This a great ground for bacteria to thrive in, allowing bacteria to multiply fast. 

What is more, tartar can be a cosmetic problem, too. Since it’s very porous, drinking beverages such as coffee and tea may lead to tartar becoming darker and your teeth losing their brightness. Once the plaque hardens, it becomes tartar and removing it by brushing and flossing is not possible anymore. 

how to remove tartar from teeth

Removing Tartar at Home

You’ve probably thought about or even tried to remove tartar at home. If we are still talking about plaque, which is easier and less dangerous to remove at home, that’s okay and you should be doing that to prevent tartar formation. However, engaging in removing tartar at home, on your own, is not recommended or advised. Although there are dental tool kits for tartar removal at home, you shouldn’t be trying those no matter what. 

Also, homemade remedies such as vinegar, baking soda and oils are not a verified method whatsoever and you shouldn’t be trying those either. DIY methods should be avoided altogether, and visiting a professional, like Dr. Angela Berkovich, is your safest bet in safely removing tartar and maintaining good oral health. 

Preventing Tartar 

While we can’t tell you how to remove tartar at home, we can give you some advice on preventing tartar from forming. While you’re still dealing with plaque, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chances for tartar build-up. 

  1. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss if you can. Establishing a dental routine will help a lot in minimizing the chances for tartar building up in your mouth. Pick a great toothbrush and paste, making sure it’s a fluoride one. Talk to your dentist and see if they have a suggestion on what products to use to improve your dental hygiene. 
  2. Avoiding sugary and acidic food and drinks can help your teeth stay clean longer. This is important because the chances for bacteria forming and multiplying in your mouth are lower. Make sure to eat a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies and drink lots of water. 
  3. Regularly visit your dentist to make sure you’re on the right track. Although you’ve established a great routine at home, your dentist will tell you if there’s something else to pay attention to and, if it’s necessary, they will know how to remove tartar from your teeth easily.  

Tartar can really affect your dental health and cause serious issues. Since there is no way to safely remove it at home, working on tartar prevention and visiting your dentist on a regular basis are the best ways to get rid of it securely and effortlessly.

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