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Sometimes the damage of a tooth is beyond the means of a filling to repair it. When tooth decay or fractures and chips become too large to be filled with normal fillings, a more extensive approach is required to save the tooth.

Inlays and overlays are utilized by our dentists to fill and repair the natural tooth. Both are made of high-quality, tooth-colored porcelain that ensures a long lifespan without the need for replacement. Depending on where the damage is located, the location dictates where an inlay or onlay is to be used. 

Your back teeth have cusps (high points), and if the large cavity or damage lies between the cusps, an inlay is used to fill the space left after drilling out the bad tooth material. An onlay is used when the damage spans over a cusp of the tooth, but it’s not quite a full crown. Each is fabricated as a single, solid piece of porcelain that fits the exact shape of the tooth and is cemented into place. 

Whether you need extensive cavity repair, the rebuilding of a cracked or chipped tooth, increased chewing strength, or just general buildup from grinding, inlays and onlays are the right choices.