Porcelain Bridges

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If you’ve had a tooth (or teeth) extracted for any number of reasons or experienced trauma that resulted in the loss of a tooth, you’ve dealt with the embarrassment that comes from having gaps in your smile. Porcelain bridges are one of the best options for replacing the gaps left by missing teeth. 

Almost identical to a natural tooth, porcelain bridges look and function like a normal tooth, and only require minor repairs or adjustments during their lifespan, which can be 10 years or more. 

Benefits of Procelain Bridges

The benefits of a porcelain bridge range from aesthetics to functionality, which is why they are a great option if you are looking to regain that complete smile. Porcelain bridges offer the following benefits:

  • Completes a smile left by gaps of missing teeth
  • Helps support the facial tissues and restore a natural appearance
  • By filling the gaps, they help to prevent unwanted shifting of remaining natural teeth
  • Regain the ability to chew normally and speak naturally


Even though porcelain bridges require two appointments, the results are well worth it, and a temporary bridge will be given to provide comfort and protection while your permanent bridge is being made. Porcelain bridges are wonderful cosmetic dentistry tools that are painless, fast, and durable. Perhaps the best part is that they can greatly help you regain your self-confidence in your smile