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Similar to a dental or mouth retainer, invisible aligners are used for dentistry procedures as a method of properly moving and aligning teeth for a gorgeous smile. Our office usually recommends this prosthesis for patients who have minor spacing issues, and moderately or mildly crowded teeth.

If you are thinking about transforming and improving your smile, you might find that the invisible braces could be the best choice for you. They offer you a chance to live your life fully, with no embarrassment, no hassle, and free of the traditional braces’ barriers.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is one of the most convenient methods to straighten teeth, which requires our patients to make small changes in their life to accommodate this dental treatment. Here in our office, our highly-trained Invisalign dentist molds custom, durable, smooth and clear plastic into an almost invisible prosthesis that fits right over your teeth.

Dr. Angela Berkovich and the team choose the right treatment plan for each individual case that will require the patient to wear the prosthesis for more than 20 hours per day. Your teeth will be aligned within the next 12 months if you follow the method correctly. You won’t feel any difficulties or pain while wearing them, but you will need to be responsible with how you treat your trays and teeth during this orthodontic procedure.

Benefits of Invisalign Braces

This prosthesis offers an effective and quick way of transforming and improving your smile, which doesn’t include additional dental surgeries or complex movement. It is created from plastic — which is crystal clear and barely noticeable. That is an excellent option for people who don’t like the look of regular braces.

The Invisalign braces are not only invisible on your teeth, but they also don’t affect your speech. You can take the braces off whenever you want, however, it is recommended to wear the Invisalign braces for a minimum of twenty hours per day. It is the best solution for dealing with misaligned teeth in adults and teens.

Dr. Angela Berkovich’s office is located in Deerfield Beach and serves patients throughout South Florida, including Coral Springs Coconut Creek, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach Lighthouse Point, and Boca Raton. Reach out to us today, to schedule an appointment.