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You may have worn a mouthguard playing sports at one point in your life with the purpose of protecting your teeth during contact sports. There is another dental mouth guard that is commonly used for another reason – bruxism or teeth grinding. Many people grind their teeth, especially while sleeping. It can be caused by stress or other factors. While our teeth are extremely durable, accidents from recreational activities or grinding them in our sleep can cause severe damage.

Whatever the case may be, allowing us to custom make the right mouth guard for your needs will serve you and your teeth far better than any store-bought option. 

Recreational or sport mouth guards are recommended by the American Dental Association to be worn during most activities, especially those that could result in a blow to the face or mouth. A mouth guard should be fitted properly to not only protect from broken teeth but also any lip, tongue, jaw, or other facial injuries. Mouth guards have been shown to reduce the severity or incidence of concussions in some cases. 

Night guards or occlusal mouth guards are worn by those individuals who grind their teeth while they sleep. Bruxism – teeth grinding or clenching is very common and can lead to more serious conditions like increased effects of periodontal disease, bite problems, jaw pain or misalignment (TMJ), headaches, earaches, and even aesthetic concerns of worn down teeth impacting the smile.

If you feel that you require either a recreational or an occlusal mouth guard, let our team know. At Dr. Angela Berkovich, DMD, office, we can get you fitted with a custom one to help solve your problems.