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If you’ve ever experienced a root canal treatment, you know that it can be excruciatingly painful and ultimately a cause for anxiety. Our compassionate staff understands that certain dental procedures are dreaded and cause sometimes serious anxiety, and root canals are near the top. 

If the inner pulp (soft tissue) of the tooth becomes inflamed or infected for any number of reasons (cracks, chips, trauma, tooth decay), a root canal is often recommended as the primary method for saving the tooth. The pulp surrounds the nerves within the tooth and that is why they can be so painful. Whether from personal experience or word-of-mouth has frightened you away from the procedure, we want to assure you that a well-planned, experienced root canal treatment is always the right choice. An infected tooth will never heal on its own and will continue to get worse.

The procedure itself is extremely routine and our staff is experienced and utilize the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the maximum amount of comfort possible. Once completed, we will schedule follow-up appointments as necessary to make sure the procedure was a success and that there are no lingering side effects of an infected tooth. 

After the need for a root canal is discovered, and after further examination, we will discuss with you the best options and plan, with the ultimate goal of saving the tooth. The best first step of any procedure is ensuring that the patient understands the process and the need for it, which helps alleviate any unnecessary stress and anxiety.