Preventative Sealant

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Tooth decay is extremely prevalent and even with the proper dentist-recommended oral hygiene practices, some people are prone to developing it. The chewing surfaces of the molars (back teeth) are most commonly affected due to the frequency used and shape of the teeth. Thanks to developments in dental science, tooth sealants are a great preventative measure for ensuring the longevity of healthy teeth.

If Dr. Angela Berkovich and her team recommend getting sealants to protect your teeth, the procedure is extremely simple and painless. The acrylic-like substance forms a shield over each tooth to protect the surface from bacteria that causes decay. You will be unable to tell that your teeth have sealants, but the health of your teeth will be noticeable for the future. 

Sealants can be recommended at any age, all depending on the patient’s susceptibility to tooth decay, as well as how the shape of the teeth is conducive to potential issues. However, the best time that we recommend getting sealants is when the first back teeth come in, the six-year molars. During your next routine checkup, ask our team if sealants would be recommended.