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A dental crown is a commonly used dental item to cover, protect, and enhance the visual appeal of a damaged tooth. Essentially true to its name, a crown or cap is a natural looking cover that fits over the affected or repaired tooth. Crowns can be used for a variety of reasons including a cracked, discolored, root canal, chipped, or decayed tooth. 

When a crown is used, strength and comfort are inherently added, which make them a great option for a damaged tooth. Preventing further damage, infection, or disease is the main goal of placing a crown. Our staff at the office of Dr. Angela Berkovich, DMD, are experienced in all situations requiring crowns and ensure a pleasant experience.

The crowns we use are of the highest medical quality available. That enables us to provide our patients with the longest lasting treatments available. Our dental professionals create the crowns we use from tooth-colored porcelain that is fused to a high-noble dental metal like gold. Safe and durable crowns are key to providing protection for a damaged tooth, and sacrificing on either can lead to more damage and pain.